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Suzzanne Laidlaw
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“I first met Suzzanne Laidlaw when we commenced business coaching for our small business.
Suzzanne is everything that you would want in a coach, she is fair, firm, realistic and compassionate. Not only is she an amazing coach,
She is an amazing person that I personally aspire to be like.
Her business knowledge, which she shares openly with you, is priceless as are her coaching skills.
If you are considering a business coach, and you go past Suzzanne, you have made you first major business mistake.
I highly recommend her services, as would every person on our staff that was fortunate enough to have been coached by Suzzanne.”

Marie Cloughley – Managing Director
WA Cleanskin Cellars


“Through using Action Coach and Suzzanne we realised just how much we didn’t know, to get our business where we wanted it to be in 10 years.
It’s so easy to get bogged down with the day to day running’s of a business, I realised this was consuming me. The strategies, tools and coaching techniques that Suzzanne uses, helped us to prioritise, plan, gain clarity and focus. Now, we are more motivated than ever and have our eye on the prize. I know we will succeed because we are following proven systems and we are seeing so many little successes along the way to keep us motivated. Thanks Suzzanne!”

Tanya McCaw – Business Development
Royal IT


“Before seeing Suzzanne I knew what I wanted to do with the business but was unsure of how to get it there. Suzzanne helped align these thoughts and assisted with the creation of a pathway best suited to our needs and our end goals. I was also very thankful for the tools and supporting documents she has to assist with this journey. I have always been very impressed with Suzzanne’s professional approach and how she will always hold you accountable and ensure you stay on track and true to what you said you would do. The impact Suzanne has had on our business is clear and the tools she taught are now being used throughout the business by our managers.”

Brayden West – Manager
Adventure Out


“I found the time spent with you 1 on 1 coaching very beneficial to the development of my leadership style and my businesses. In particularly, having to set myself goals and be accountable to someone with a strong focus on the growth of my business has been very rewarding. I also found some of your ideas on specific parts of my business beneficial. By using the concept of becoming a ‘coach’ to some of my staff, I have been able to rapidly build our personal training team to increase our revenue significantly. Thanks for your ongoing support.”

Mark Irwin BSc – Owner
Selby Health and Fitness



“Your coaching has taken my career from the local level and launched it onto the international scene in just two years.
Throughout the coaching, my skills base as grown to an extent where this success was inevitable. It has been invaluable and life changing to an extent that delivering excellence every day is achievable.

Thank you.”

Michael Downing – Sailing Manager
Sailing WA


“I went to several coaching sessions with Suzzanne. Her priority as a Coach was to help me perform at my best as a Middle Manager in my workplace. She showed empathy rather than judgement and helped me come up with action plans with the major issues I had.

Suzzanne was also attentive in keeping me accountable for the commitments I had made.

Overall I have become far more aware of the consequences of my own behaviour in the workplace which has enabled me to address the issues that were limiting my effectiveness. In the 2009-10 cricket seasons, Western Australia achieved an increase in participation of 11.2%, the second highest in Australia.”

David Clear – Game Development Manager
Western Australian Cricket Association (Inc.) – WACA


“Suzzanne offers a fantastic coaching service which has assisted me professionally and personally. Suzzanne assisted me through a large spectrum of areas including long term strategic planning through to providing practical day to day advice which was all tailored to my personal situation. As a result I function more efficiently and effectively in all aspects of life and produce successful outcomes with the life skills and guidance which Suzzanne offers.

Thank you Suzzanne the coaching you offer is priceless and creates successful outcomes!!”

Kristy Hathaway – Project Manager (Physical Activity)
K-12 Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting
Department of Education



 “The coaching I had with Suzzanne really encouraged me to look at how I was operating on a day to day basis. It’s not very often that you get the opportunity to actually assess how you are doing things and have someone work with you to develop strategies specifically tailored for you to improve your current situation. The sessions gave me the confidence, skills and knowledge to better myself and improve the journey ahead!”

Laura Reid – Development Officer
Swimming WA







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