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The ActionCLUB Business Education/Mastery Program are made up of 8 sessions throughout an 18 week program designed to motivate business owners looking to set a solid foundation to build a truly great business. With Suzzanne being your personal accountability and mentoring coach, you will start creating the business you’ve always wanted… Not what you’ve already got. 

"Give a person a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a person to fish and he will eat for a lifetime." 

   The 8 Group Sessions include: 

  • Knowing Your Numbers – You will learn about the importance of understanding your financials in your business. This is where your cash comes from, where it goes and how to keep as much as you can. You’ll learn how to read your financial reports, the cash flow cycle and how to achieve more than just breakeven.
  • Profitable Growth – You will learn about the principles of leverage. You will focus on the fastest way to increase your business using Action COACH’s 5 ways and the importance of testing and measuring. Your business coach, Suzzanne, will work through your numbers and discover how to improve them.
  • Streetwise Marketing – You will extract your uniqueness, which sets you apart from your competitors in Perth, and learn how to use it to get more of the customers you want. You will also discover how to construct a great advertisement making sure your acquisition cost is low.
  • Making the Sale – Here you learn about types of salespeople and differences between old and new selling. You will understand a question funnel and how to deal with objections. This is where Suzzanne will help you learn to maximise your efforts from your lead generation and marketing strategies.
  • Outstanding Service – This is where Suzzanne will teach you all about customer fulfilment. Now you have them in your business, its critical you keep them. Suzzanne will mentor and coach you through developing customer loyalty and ensuring repeat business occurs time after time.
  • Taming Chaos Through Systems – Learn to systemise your business. Create systems that run your business to produce massive results. You will be coached to work on your business rather than in it. This session is the key to having a business that works without you being the key factor.
  • Teams That Work – This is where you learn to build that team you’ve always wanted and hoped for. Learn to become a great leader and how to inspire those around you every day. Here, Suzzanne will coach you with the skills to recruit the right people for your business and lead them in a dynamic way.
  • Sharpen Your Focus – You will set your goals, vision and mission and learn how to build a great business from the ground up. You’ll learn about the importance of a goon plan and using your time effectively and efficiently. 
    With your ActionCLUB program you will meet every fortnight, with sessions running for 2.5 hours. Each session includes a workbook complete with home fun and any tools you will need.

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